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Helping cattle owners significantly increase annual revenue

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Our Company at a Glance

built in the heart of Kansas cattle country

The Wik® was founded in 1952 by the Tatge family. The company grew into a well-respected company with many livestock and farm-related products. The company changed ownership twice before F&S Enterprises, LLC (owned by Cary and Lynn Fox) purchased it in late 2014. At the time of the acquisition, the company only focused on Automatic Self-Treating Insecticide Applicators. However, the product was already the most durable, long-lasting product of its kind. The company sold their products primarily in the Northeastern states of the United States. Cary and Lynn have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and have also farmed. They are working to improve and expand the product line. 

The WIK Automatic Self-Treating Insecticide Applicator

Designed by cattlemen, The Wik’s complete self-treatment system means your beef or dairy herd will see increased weight gain and good feed conversion while controlling pests and increasing profits. In a test program, calves treated with The Wik Performer gained 50 more pounds than untreated calves in a control group in just one pasturing season. The revenue as a result of the extra gain paid for the Wik Performer. Steers and bulls require aggressive treatment. Note the square edged scratching lugs on the grooming rings of The Wik’s beef cattle applicator. As they rub on the rings and chains, insecticide is applied by the fabric roll. The rubbing also curries and conditions their coats, giving them a more groomed appearance, and bringing a higher price when sold. Heifers and lactating beef cows should use the less agressive standard grooming ring. Can be used for calves and dairy parlor/lactating cows too!

– Murrays’ Dairy Farm & Refrigeration, Inc.

Why Choose Our Products

committed to superior quality

The new F&S Wik has changed to a durable powder coat finish. This product combines a scratcher with a self-treating applicator. Not only has it proven to significantly increase the annual revenue of herds, it offers several other benefits.

product benefits ear tag icon

No More Ear Tags

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Less Risk of Insect Born Illness

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No More Treating Individual Animals

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